Sea Sonic ESG Milestone

Press Release
August 10, 2023
Sea Sonic ESG Milestone

Sea Sonic is ISO 14064-1:2018 Compliant

Well ahead of the final deadline, Sea Sonic successfully achieved the requirements of ISO 14064-1:2018 for organizational greenhouse gas inventories, laying a solid foundation for carbon footprint monitoring and management within the organization.

More than a certificate, a company philosophy

Sea Sonic's responsibility does not solely target the corporate realm but extends to its employees and the community as well to promote a sustainable economy. The company provides ESG-related educational courses to stimulate employees' understanding of ESG principles and policy orientations to enable the integration of this knowledge into their daily lives.

Sea Sonic team

In close cooperation with its stakeholders, Sea Sonic is fulfilling its social obligation by integrating sustainable development into its operation as a core value to establish a greener and more sustainable tomorrow. Looking ahead into 2023, the company aim is set to reinforce an advanced ESG information integration system, aiming to meet carbon footprint goals more effectively through efficient resource utilization.

ISO Certificate

Sea Sonic is proud to have achieved this important ESG milestone on its journey towards sustainability.

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